CHISS WEEKLY NEWS – Csevutci, Week 2(Days 246-250),6684

K'arci bah Vutavcah rescheduled Sage Retreat,Csilla(CPIN) - Today organizers for the K'arci bah Vutavcah have announced that the festival has been rescheduled. According to a source within the Chiss Cabinet, the new proposed date will be before day 333, to commemorate the Assassination of Isolodor Storm. The purpose of the K'arci bah Vutavcah will be to bring together Chiss and Non-Chiss Citizens from across the galaxy together, along with guests, to share in the wonders of Chiss Culture. The Crahsyndic has announced that he will oversee planning of the K'arci bah Vutavcah, but…continue reading →