The Heraldry of House Sabosen, one of most notable of the Ancient Chiss Houses, circa Year 12(Source: Chiss Expeditionary Library)


For centuries, the Chiss have gathering in units of families and extended families. To put an end to the instability of tribal organization, the ancient Chiss Clans organized themselves into Houses, with strict rules for determining succession. These Houses are often named for the family which was chosen to take the lead of the House.

Houses fall into the following categories: Ancient, New, Vesci, and Exiled.

Exiled Houses: Those Houses which have been exiled for violating Chiss Law.

Ancient Houses: Those Houses whose Heritage precedes the Chiss Civil Dispute.

Vesci Houses: Those Houses which have fallen in prestige, and not seated in the Council of Families. The Vesci Houses are organized into the Vesci Syndicate, which is the criminal underworld of Chiss society.

New Houses: Those Houses which were created after the Chiss Civil Dispute.


House Positions

Merit Adoptive – Individuals who have attracted the interest of a Chiss House and have been invited to join.

Trial Born – Experienced members of a Chiss House promoted at the discretion of House Leadership. Some Houses do not permit Non-Chiss to be Trial Born.

Syndic – Commander of the Household Phalanx and House Quartermaster. The Syndic may also be House Regent if no Blood Born is available to ascend to the Aristocracy. There is only 1 Syndic permitted per Chiss House. A Syndic may be Non-Chiss if not prohibited by the laws of that Chiss House.

Blood Born – Heirs to the Aristocra. Ranking Distants are those who are not directly related(child, parent, sibling, nephew/neice, aunt/uncle). Shadow Children are those who are closely related, but their status as a blood born is hidden by the public. Any Blood Born must be Chiss.

Aristocra – The leader of the House and has final authority on all internal House affairs. An Aristocra’s House Decree will be recognized as legal as long as it does not conflict with Chiss Law. An Aristocra must be Chiss.


Recognized Houses

In order for a House to be recognized, it must meet two constitutional requirements: Virtue of Service and Merit of Power. Merit of Power is determined by whether a Chiss House has kept an active membership(OOC: At least 3 members, 2 of which must be Chiss).Virtue of Service is determined by whether a Chiss House and its members have fulfilled their responsibilities and duties to Chiss Society(this keeps a Chiss House from using inactive or non-contributing sentients to “pad” its ranks as a means to achieve recognition). The Chiss House must also provide Heraldry, History and select at least one Responsibility.

A select few Chiss Houses are seated in the Ruling Circle, the primary governing body of the Chiss Ascendancy. If there is an opening in the Ruling Circle, these Ruling Houses may elect to promote a Chiss House seated in the Council of Families to Ruling Circle. There may be no more than four (4) Ruling Houses at any one time.


House Yar(Ruling House)

Aristocra: Reius Rothschild

Specialization: Civilian

House Yar is a House which focuses on engineering, primarily shipbuilding. While House Yar accepts the traditional rules of succession, nonchiss are welcome to join the Chiss House and may even obtain the rank of Syndic(Regent and Quartermaster of the House under the Chiss Constitution.).

House Yar’s Color is Red. House Yar’s emblem is known as the Vuzsi, a small dark-feathered scavenger bird native to the northern tundra of Csilla (the ancestral homeland of the Yar family). The Household Phalanx of House Yar are known as the Ravenist Knights, the most trusted of whom are issued ceremonial swords allowed with their standard weapons.


Other Chiss Houses

The Houses listed below are either Vesci or Exiled.  Exiled Houses require a ruling of the Judicial Circuit before they can be permitted to ever sit in the Council of Families again. Vesci Houses may be reseated upon meeting the recognition requirements.

House Royan (Exiled)

House Inronkini (Vesci)

House Nuroudo (Vesci)

House Csapla (Vesci)

House Mitth (Vesci)

House Chaf (Vesci)

House Sabosen (Vesci)

House Nakesh (Vesci)

House Prard (Vesci)

House Oblivion (Exiled)

House Foner (Vesci)

House Gar (Exiled)