The Restored Chiss Ascendancy is not as isolated as the ancient Chiss Ascendancy.  We accept Ambassadors and Merchants from across the galaxy, as long as they are not affiliated with declared enemies of the Chiss Ascendancy.

If you wish to buy from or sell to the Chiss Ascendancy, more information can be found at the Chiss Marketplace.

Chiss Diplomats negotiate with a Squib trader


Diplomatic inquiries may be directed to Crahsyndic Prard`aga Rono or Grand Aristocra Reius Rothschild.


Non Aggression Pacts:

Falleen Federation

Triumvirate Coalition

Jedi Order

Rogue Squadron

Confederacy of Independent Systems



Treaty of Csilla



Name: Zeiro Roma
Amount: 20 Million
Charges: Conspiracy, Piracy

Name: Ximaro Jix
Amount: 50 Million
Charges: Assassination, Extortion, Blackmail, Conspiracy



Name: Bounty Hunters Guild
Reason: Sent agent to infiltrate Chiss Ascendancy

Name: Shadow Dominion (member organizations listed below)

  • Zann Consortium
  • The Death Watch
  • NexCore
  • Dread
  • Black Hole Manufacturing
  • Biotech

Reason: Declared War on Chiss Ascendancy