Chiss Ascendancy offers two Citizenship offers. Citizens are those who elect to join the Chiss Ascendancy full time, while Dual Citizens are those who wish to support the Chiss Ascendancy but not leave their current employer. You will need to be a Citizen of either type to join a Chiss House. Most information about the Chiss Houses, can be found here.


A Chiss Trooper and Chiss Pilot relax after a successful mission



(1) Click Join Chiss Ascendancy in Darkness.

(2) Include a short description, including how you were recruited , what you are interested in doing, and whether you require transportation.
(3) Click OK and await a response to your request.

(4) Once your acceptance has been approved, follow the instructions in the Welcome message.

Dual Citizens:

(1) Contact Crahsyndic Prard`aga Rono indicating your interest in becoming a Dual Citizen. Provide your Race, the name of your current employer(s) and experience. If you are Non-Chiss, you will need to join a Chiss House to be accepted a Dual Citizen.

(2) A brief interview will be conducted to determine he best role for you within the Chiss Ascendancy.

(3) If you pass a background check, you will be accepted as a Dual Citizen


Note: Should you have questions/inquiries about the process, please contact Crahsyndic Prard`aga Rono with your information.