Organizational Chart

The Chiss Ascendancy is divided into subordinate organizations to help with the daily operations.


Salary and Bonuses

Every Thirty (30) days, pay for all sentients is processed. Each Citizen will receive a their military and/or civilian salary, plus any bonuses for which they qualify. Citizen who are inactive(OOC: As recognized by being considered active by Darkness) on payday will not receive pay.

Payscale – CEDF

This payscale is for all who serve in CEDF, the Chiss Ascendancy’s military.

Grade Salary CEDF Requirements Space Ground
HC-5 n/a Grand Aristocra ONLY
HC-4 n/a Ruling Aristocra ONLY
HC-3 n/a Admiral Fleet CO
HC-2 n/a Vice Admiral Fleet XO
HC-1 n/a Crahkassan – (Chief Navigator)** Fleet Quartermaster
C-5 n/a Crahnllsan Asrallka Director
C-4 n/a Colonial Syndic Colonial Phalanx CO
C-3 n/a Assistant Syndic Graduate School of Engineering Colonial Phalanx XO
C-2 n/a Han’asit – (General) Task Force CO
C-1 n/a Crahsystor(Force Commander) Task Force XO Brigade CO
O-5 $4,800,000.00 Vit’ecin – (Captain)/Ch’imur- (Major) Accepted into Command College Capital Ship Commander Regiment CO / Brigade XO
O-4 $4,600,000.00 Systor – (Commander) Graduate School of Combat Frigate Commander Battalion CO / Regiment XO
O-3 $4,400,000.00 Kassan – (Navigator)* Morale + Logistics Officer(1 per Fleet)
O-2 $4,200,000.00 Lcahran – (Lieutenant) Corvette Commander/ Wing Commander Company CO / Battalion XO
O-1 $4,000,000.00 AsLcahran – (Lieutenant Junior Grade) Must graduate School of Engineering or School of Combat Gunboat Squadron CO Lance CO / Company XO
E-5 $2,800,000.00 CrahVessiat – (Chief Flight Officer) Fighter Squadron CO Lance XO
E-4 $2,600,000.00 SaVessiat – (Flight Specialist)/Rashe’an’t – (Sergeant) Warship Pilot Squad CO / Vehicle Pilot
E-3 $2,400,000.00 Vessiat – (Flight Officer)/Rt’aseiterci(Specialist) Convoy Commander Speeder Pilot
E-2 $2,200,000.00 AsVessiat – (Flight Assistant)/bin’bi(Trooper) Must graduate Boot Camp Fighter Pilot/ Freighter Pilot / Ship Crew Squad Trooper / Facility Crew
E-1 $2,000,000.00 Cadet Citizenship


* –¬† 1 per Fleet

** – 1 in entire CEDF


Payscale – Civilian

Civilian positions are offered to both Citizens and Dual Citizens to provide support in certain Non-Military positions. A Citizen who fills a Civilian position will receive their civilian salary as a bonus to their CEDF salary. Their is no limit to the number of civilian positions  citizen can accept.

Grade Salary Government Role
HC-5 n/a Grand Aristocra**
HC-4 n/a Ruling Aristocra*
HC-3 n/a Crahsyndic
HC-2 n/a (Minister)
HC-1 n/a (Deputy Minister)
G-4 $2,000,000.00 (Bureau Director)
G-3 $1,000,000.00 (Department Rank 4)
G-2 $500,000.00 (Department Rank 5)
G-1 $250,000.00 (Department Rank 6)