The Territory of the Chiss Ascendancy has been significantly reduced since the of the Second Vagaari War. The Chiss Civil Dispute, Third Vagaari War, and Battle of Csilla have all changed what is defined as Chiss territory.


The Chiss Ascendancy at the end of the Second Vagaari War(-67 CGT)


Csilla System

The Homeworld of the Chiss Ascendancy was given to the 12 Colonies in Year 7, which proceeded to organize what Chiss historians call the First Restored Chiss Ascedancy under the Hapan Sith Lord Isoldor Storm. Following Storm’s assassination, control of Csilla eventually fell to Prard`al Keyrek and his Black Nebula pirate government. Keyrek was supported by the Aristocra of House Inrokini, Inrokini`luci Sabile, knwon as Ilucis. Ilucis organized a faction of Chiss into a cult that became the Second Chiss Ascendancy.

During this time, Black Nebula drew the ire of the New Republic. The Chiss Parliament, meeting in secret as the Shadow Parliament, voted to support the New Republic. The Battle of Csilla ended in a marginal New Republican victory. The Chiss Imperial Moff Mitth`oro Nuroudo was captured by the New Republic when he came to rally support for Black Nebula.

Black Nebula reorganized into the Old Republic and continued its war against the New Republic. On Csilla, this resulted in skirmishes in Csilla’s underground tunnels as the Pro-New Republican Parliamentary forces fought the Criminal Vesci Syndicate, armed by Old Republican weapons. Lasting from Year 9 to 12, this period of instability was known as The Partition. The Chiss Ascendancy struck another blow against Black Nebula when a Chiss agent left with over 4 Billion credits, which were use to create Chiss Material Extractions.

During the Partition, the Third Chiss Ascendancy used the instability to purchase a city plot, that would become the city of K’eb. By Year 16, K’eb was a major cultural center, which allowed the Sixth Chiss Ascendancy to fund development of a city for the Chiss Sages, Sage Retreat.

In Year 12, the Old Republic and New Republic negotiated a treaty which transferred Old Republic territory on Csilla to the New Republic. With all of Csilla under New Republican control, peace returned to Csilla for the first time in decades. The Csilla Parliament was reorganized into a planetary council which acted as a liason between the New Republic Governor and the people of Csilla.

In Year 15, the Sixth Chiss Ascendancy negotiated the Treaty of Csilla, granting the Chiss Ascendancy a role in Csilla’s future.

The Csilla system is governed by the New Republic.



When the Chiss Ascendancy went beyond Csilla, Colonial Phalanxes were formed to protect colonists. Today Colonial Phalanxes continue to protect colonists, but also oversee all infrastructure development. A Colonial Syndic is a combination of Colonial Militia Commander and Colonial Governor.


Colonial Stations
Colonial Stations are CEDF Outposts in Deep Space. Placed at strategic locations for Fleet Bases, these allow the CEDF supply lines to reach beyond worlds with Chiss settlement.